I'm not an artist and have no architectural experience... so this is a bit rough and probably not structurally sound. But here's the kooky house in all its glory as well as the club.

The House

The house is two stories tall, with a sunken basement. The driveway is long and winding and culminates in a circle by the door, with paths jetting off toward the garages. The whole place is surrounded by several rows of trees, which are in turn surrounded by a tall, iron, security fence.
Main Floor Features: The ground floor is full of large and spacious rooms. The living room (with its iris painting) is rarely used. The rec room is used primarily for movie nights. The entertainment room is where most of the residents hang out and watch television/movies. There are entrances to the backyard and patio from the hallway and from the kitchen. The bathroom is where most of the medicines and supplies are kept for the whole house. There are two garages, but each resident has an informally assigned place in them. The staircases are a bit unique, as they're spiral staircases located within rooms.

Second Floor
Second Floor Features: This is where most of the bedrooms are located. As it's their house, Sweetie and Nik have the largest ones, at the ends of the right and left wings. The computer room (in my mind) used to be located where Jamie's bedroom is, but I prefer the layout as it is now. Even though Coyote and Trip are "in and out" residents, their bedrooms are currently reserved for them for when they are there. I didn't know what to do with the large office/misc./sitting room exactly (it used to be Auntie Al’s bedroom before he moved downstairs), but it's nice and has a balcony. I'm not sure yet what the left wing staircase room contains, but the one on the right contains a small kitchenette, a pantry of snacks, a seating area, and Sweetie’s LEGO building area.

Basement Features: Pit and Auntie Al live downstairs and share a bathroom, even though there are two down there. The rec room has an entertainment center as well, but that room is mostly used for gaming as there's also a pool table, air hockey table, etc. The exercise room is used mostly by Pit and Jamie.

The Club

The Club
Strokes Features: The layout is pretty straightforward. It is one level, apart from the office which is raised. The security station with its monitors is located in the office. The employee break room contains their lockers, timecards, seating, coffee and such. The bar is circular and there's seating around it. The stage is open on two sides so it can be seen easily from everywhere in the club. Turbo's sound station is located across from it and there's storage right there for any related equipment. But the majority of the club is its dance floor. The women's bathroom (where the series starts) is rarely used but the backroom and men's room are used for... dark deeds. Both bathrooms are accessible only from the backroom, but the layout of that area is… undisclosed.