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Story: Moving In
Revised and reposted, Jamie moves into the house, and everyone pitches in to help (some more than others).

Story: Walking
Revised and reposted, a night with Robert, one of the club's drivers.

Story: After Orlando
In the wake of this terrible tragedy, Sweetie and Nik meet about their nightclub.

Please consider this story the author's way of coping and working through a lot of her own conflicting emotions.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

The Series

This series was born in 2001 with a story titled "Escape." For more than a decade, this series has provided an escape into a fictional world that revolves around a gay nightclub called Strokes and the characters whose lives it touches. The cast of characters has grown over the years, as has the drama. I hope that you enjoy diving into it all with me.

Some Things You Should Know Up Front